Design & Development

logo design, web design & development

Logo design, web design & development

web design via Cooper house

Web design & development
via Cooper House

Web development via Cooper House

Web development, photo editing,
wardrobe styling, via Cooper House

Web design & development 

Web design & development

Web development via Cooper House

Web design & development
in collaboration with Tiffany Mcknight

Selected Projects


Photography, art direction, styling

Photography, art direction, set design, styling

Design, art direction


“A quiet little weirdo with the
heart of a champion”

Alaina Hunt is a multidisciplinary artist & developer looking to collaborate with artists, designers, startups & anyone looking to showcase their ideas & creativity.

Though she is best known for her photography, Alaina is also well-versed in drawing, printmaking, digital design and floral design.  She is currently furthering her artistic practice by experimenting with different media such as plaster, acrylics, resin, stone and paper.